Who Should Use it?

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For the Newbie

  • If you are starting home brewing, most begin with malt extract.  The problem is that even if you get it right it tastes like homebrew.
  • LWC fresh high gravity wort is even easier than extract, you don’t have to boil your water to dissolve that hard lump of toffee like malt.  The taste?  It’s incomparably better.
  • We recommend using one of our proven 25 Beer Recipes.  Use the LWC Recipe Formulator to select your chosen style and then follow the instructions provided.

For the Accomplished Extract Brewer

  • You have made a few drinkable brews using malt extract – it’s a good start!
  • The beer is OK, but you know it can be better – you just need to find the coin to buy better gear and spend lots more time brewing all-grain
  • You’re on top of fermentation temp and carbonation, bottle washing and sanitation – but you want to experiment, and you NEED to get rid of that malt extract taste.  Long White Cloud never tastes like malt extract – because its fresh wort
  • You don’t need more gear with Long White Cloud.  In fact, you can brew top quality craft beer using less gear and one of our proven recipes – we did, the judges gave us medals
  • When you are ready to customise your recipe, you can blend worts using the LWC Recipe Formulator.  View our Wort Specifications for colour; taste; bitterness and ABV and create from there.

For the All Grain Brewer

  • Ok you’ve made it – the days of extract brewing are behind you
  • You’re a master of your own destiny making the beer you like and the only thing standing between you and consistently good brews is a few extra grand to improve your gear? Or, if you use our worts, you can sell a whole bunch of gear AND make even better tasting beer.
  • LWC wort takes no short cuts; we produce it for people that care about craft beer quality – You
  • LWC offers you the chance to reclaim your weekend; put down a brew in under an hour AND enjoy a top shelf craft beer at the end of it.
  • Let’s put it another way – you could put down 4 different beer styles in a fraction of the time required to produce 1 batch of wort, and still have your weekend.
  • Do you have a special occasion coming up?  Do you need more beer than your kettle can produce?  With LWC your beer production is not limited by the size of your kettle on brewing day.  Make 20 liters or 100 liters, one style or 5 different brews - it’s up to you… think on that.
  • But can I make it my way? – Hell Yes! All of our Wort Specifications are available and use the LWC Recipe Formulator to customize your own blend until you have YOUR perfect beer.  It’s a thing of legends.

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