• Sanitised Fermenter with Temperature control
  • Hydrometer

Recipe - Ours or Yours

Ingredient List

  • Sanitiser
  • LWC Fresh Wort
  • Yeast
  • Filtered Pure Water
  • Dry Hops

Brewing Instructions


Your chosen wort is a fresh liquid, so keep it cold. it is just added to a clean fermenter topped up with water and given a stir.  Yeast is pitched and fermentation begins.  From there, the process is the same as your usual method; control your fermentation temperature until your fermentation is complete, dry hop, cool and then bottle or keg.


1           Sanitise your fermenter

2           Transfer wort to fermenter

3           Add water to the correct temperature

4           Pitch Yeast

5           Control fermentation temperature

6           Dry Hop

7           Complete fermentation time

8           Cool beer

9           Rack into bottles or kegs

10         Carbonate and condition


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