Long White Cloud Brewing Company

The Long White Cloud Brewing Company was proudly born in New Zealand.  At the culmination of decades of brewing, judging and drinking craft beers, we decided that it was time to pass on what we had learned by making our wort available to the discerning home brewer. 

We think life is too short to drink burnt caramel-flavoured homebrew.  The alternative, an all-grain brewing setup, is costly; and we know that the results can still be a bit hit and miss too.  Brewing your own beer is a great hobby, but you may ask yourself if losing your whole Saturday to watch the kettle boil is really worth it.  If you are brewing average-quality beer at home and feeling the crunch on cost or time, let us be your ‘Partner in Craft Beer Home Brewing’.  Our High Gravity Wort will change your life.  

Oh and we are just going to leave this here…

World Beer Awards 2016, Gold, Long White Cloud Saison

International Beer Cup Japan 2015, Best In Class, Silver Medal, Long White Cloud Pale Ale

International Beer Cup, Japan 2016, Bronze, Long White Cloud Pale Ale

International Beer Challenge London 2016, Silver, Long White Cloud Session Pale Ale

Brewers Guild of New Zealand 2015, Silver, Long White Cloud Hefeweizen


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